Who are we?

“Kluffen” is also known as the “Skullerud club”. We are a group of Warhammer, Magic, and roleplaying enthusiasts who get together every Friday at 6 pm. The club is mainly dedicated to Warhammer, with an emphasis on 40k.


As the name implies our club is located in Skullerud, right by Skullerud’s local school. The adress is General Ruges Vei 100, and a map can be found here


The club was initiated by a group of students as a school project in 2003 and, thanks to a highly supportive teacher (who remains one of the organizers to this very day), the idea became reality. Our local district granted us a starting fund along with a building in which to operate in. Since then the club has been the weeks highlight every Friday for all of us.


Kluffen has a history of arranging campaigns and tournaments, with the Norwegian championships as being the highlight. The last project now is the Badab War which starts this autumn (2015).


You can send us a message here if you want to reach us :)




Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

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